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When you work with Malone Insurance Agency, you’ll receive customized quotes and so much more. We remove the burden of comparison shopping by retrieving rates from up to 20 top RV insurance companies. Plus, you’ll receive personal, local service from a trusted insurance professional. Get started with free insurance quotes today.

RV Insurance Coverage

  • Auto Liability Covers bodily injury and property damage you cause to another party driving your RV.
  • Collision Covers physical damage to your RV caused by a collision with a vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive Covers physical damage to your RV caused by something other than a collision.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with a driver that has too little or no insurance.
  • Vacation liability Covers medical expenses for guests at your campsite that are injured.
  • RV roadside assistance Covers towing and emergency assistance if your RV becomes disabled near a road.
  • Personal effects Covers personal property you keep within your RV.
  • And More There are many optional coverages that may be good for you.
RV insurance in Minnesota

RV Insurance Discounts

  • Pay in full Save by paying your policy premium in full.
  • Multi-policy Save by bundling your auto with other policies, like home.
  • Homeowner Save when you own a home.
  • Claims free Save by having a record free of insurance claims.
  • EFT payments Save by setting up your bill to automatically deduct each month.
  • Paperless Save when you opt for email communications instead of postal mail.
  • And more There may be even more discounts that apply to your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need RV insurance?

That depends. If you own a motorhome or self-powered RV, you’ll need insurance in order to operate it on public roads. If you own a travel trailer, liability coverage extends from the vehicle pulling it. You still may need physical damage coverage depending on the value of your RV and whether or not you have a loan on it.

How are the rates determined?

There are many factors that go into determining an RV insurance premium, including info about you, the style of RV, where and how you use it, and more. In addition, each insurance company rates those factors a little differently, so there is no “one size fits all” solution.

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